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Okey dokey so I love to write and as I can probably guess you like to read. No? Yes? Either way you're here now so go ahead an explore! I like to say I'm a writer, Don't worry I have a book published so I can back up that claim. If you need more proof... Continue Reading →

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Part 1: Treason and a Baby

Queen Helada gazed down into her newborn daughters face as she walked towards the child's cradle. The small puffy red face was relaxed as she slept. "What miracles will be held in your hands one day soon my daughter." The Queen crooned. Her arms raised to bring the young babe to her lips, a small... Continue Reading →

Roku Starbounder

The Modern Universes most notorious outlaw and scientific genius, Roku got his name from a device he invented that could reshape the universe. Gifted with the ability of mechanics and design, Roku was once an inventor for the King and Queen of the Universe. He aided in war counsel meetings and designed new machines for... Continue Reading →


Son of the infamous Rogue Roku Starbounder, Nicladius has a history of lawlessness attached to his name. his past a secret, his heritage unknown as he is raised on Earth with his Foster Parents, head of a scientific research facility in Italy. When he meets the other children deposited on Earth he is drawn into... Continue Reading →

Anna Kara

Second in line to the universal Seat of Power, Anna Kara is twin sister to Aseana. After Barely escaping the clutches of those who took her sister, she is raised as an only child in the Royal Estates of Luna and groomed to be the next to rule. Her differing ideologies from her parents cause... Continue Reading →


Born a Princess, Raised a human. Aseana is heir to the Universal Seat of Power. Within days of her birth she was kidnapped by a ruthless outlaw and then sent to the Forbidden Planet of Earth. Scientists recovered the pod wreckage from her arrival and cautiously raised her in their homes alongside the population of... Continue Reading →


Darkness. Void. A cacophony of Vociferous Pontification Transliterating from unknown, to know, to forgetfulness. The reality of the unknown becomes unfamiliar territory. Velvet Blackness interspersed with currents of undecided feelings. Discrepancies of the almost forgotten past mingle with indiscretions of the graying present. A Psyche tormented with almost remembering. Wraith-like things from the past so... Continue Reading →

One of those nights I pour out my soul

Is it possible to love someone who completes you and makes you happier than you’ve ever known But still be more depressed and beyond reach than the farthest stellar zone? I have demons from my past that I can never ignore And after the sun has sunken begin knocking at my door The things I’ve... Continue Reading →

The Siren’s Song: Part 1

The waves rolled over the dark sands of the beach, creating a relaxing symphony of crash and pull as they met land. The smell of salt was a suffocating salutation as I trudged along the waterline, deep in thought. A expression of frustration glued to my face. Why can’t they just come to one game?... Continue Reading →

Eulogy For My Slippers

The box sat on the desk. It was a simple black shoe box from the outside, but knowing what was held within made it so much more. I sighed, brushing a tear off of my cheek before it could slip farther down and ruin the composed mask i wore. blinking my eyes rapidly i stayed... Continue Reading →

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