My Mother, I Leave You

my mother.... I can't even write these words a mother is someone who loves and nurtures you not clips your wings and makes you blue.   its been years since we've spoken an I've severed all ties it was necessary after dealing with decades of your lies   you broke my heart and scattered the... Continue Reading →

The Sun’s Prayer

The sun’s shining prays Are as eyes to me They watch the block party And longs to be free   When it hides in the night The wind whispers its prayers From the month of light Until the night unpeels its layers   And once more tis day from night The moon drowns in the... Continue Reading →

Survival In My Mind

This apathy I taste Like venom, made into a paste Its bubbling, frothing things I can’t fake Relate? I can’t take, It I choke on my hate, This thing I fake in life I make But never am completely consumed by it I can’t shake This feeling as it weighs down on my shoulders Its... Continue Reading →


Peace is the way I walk through the valleys Sun so hot I feel like I'm in callie Rough is the road I have been treading Though my destination I have been dreading I walk this road, this road is cold Unfriendly a setting, my soul’s been sold How could we come to this aged... Continue Reading →

Random Bits One

Oh walking in circles Talking to mirrors Going down dead ends If they don’t lead to you Oh this epiphany mine I was ready to shine But I meant to guard To guard you yeah Oh let me save you I’m meant to shine   What once was Broken shards of Perfect people of Who... Continue Reading →

Being Lost

I Fear being lost. Not in a town or on the road, not even in a supermarket. No metaphorically.   I fear getting lost in sleep and in life.   I've made certain choices in life that have made me to be alone. I work, I sleep, I drive, and the day repeats. I have... Continue Reading →

Just Not Cutting It

I slide down with my back against the wall tears raining from my eyes; this ghost of a person I sealed away was once again released. Memories flooded back from over years of change, the heartache of lost love and the pain of family. Those I trusted betraying me fully and I had long since... Continue Reading →

I am

I am that gentle voice on the phone in the middle of the night when you need peace I am the steady hand stitching up the gashes of the events around you when they break open the seam I am the warm smile that greet you when you open your eyes I am the one... Continue Reading →

Face To Face

You saw I was online and couldn't help to say hello. "Well hello to you to." I think with a polite nod of my head. We’ve only messaged back and forth about politics but now we were about to video chat for the first time. Will my voice come through squeaky? Will the internet freeze... Continue Reading →

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