The Siren’s Song: Part 1

The waves rolled over the dark sands of the beach, creating a relaxing symphony of crash and pull as they met land. The smell of salt was a suffocating salutation as I trudged along the waterline, deep in thought. A expression of frustration glued to my face. Why can’t they just come to one game?... Continue Reading →

Eulogy For My Slippers

The box sat on the desk. It was a simple black shoe box from the outside, but knowing what was held within made it so much more. I sighed, brushing a tear off of my cheek before it could slip farther down and ruin the composed mask i wore. blinking my eyes rapidly i stayed... Continue Reading →

I am

I am that gentle voice on the phone in the middle of the night when you need peace I am the steady hand stitching up the gashes of the events around you when they break open the seam I am the warm smile that greet you when you open your eyes I am the one... Continue Reading →

Face To Face

You saw I was online and couldn't help to say hello. "Well hello to you to." I think with a polite nod of my head. We’ve only messaged back and forth about politics but now we were about to video chat for the first time. Will my voice come through squeaky? Will the internet freeze... Continue Reading →

Simply Magic

Magic. That’s what you made me feel. At least I think that's what I should call it. That warm fuzzy feeling inside, that tingling sensation up and down my spine and the crazy sensation I might float away with every step I take because my head is so blank after catching sight of you? That's... Continue Reading →

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