E. J. Grey- Author

From an early age in my life story was something I fell in love with. I was the daydreamer. I was the kid always walking into things while reading simply because I couldn’t put the book down. I was the kid asking for one more bedtime story and committing them to memory to tell myself when bedtime stories weren’t an option.

In the fourth grade, a friend and I decided to bring those stories to life. The first attempts at plot were juvenile crime fighting comic books, always twenty-four pages front and back. These were the infant “Solar Savers” actually. We created so many of these, over a hundred over the next three years until prepubescent squabbles ended our co-authorship.

But I could never stop?

Even after all the trouble I got into for passing papers in class, or drawing when I should have been paying attention, I couldn’t put the story down.

This beautiful infatuation with fiction that I learned to create in my own mind was a tide too strong to fight. So even after I was left alone with my thoughts and the characters I’d learned to represent, I realized if I struggled with drawing everything and lacking the details I wanted I could write them instead.

From middle school on I was never able to put my ideas on hold, I wrote down everything that came to mind. My bedroom walls were covered from floor to ceiling in papers. No spot was uncovered.

I expanded the simple comics that had been started all those years before, and deepened the story.  The characters, it would seem were branded on my very soul. I have never to this day been able to stop thinking about the story. Every day a new scene comes to mind and I fall in love all over again with the characters and the story.

But picking up a pen to write about odd aliens wasn’t the only thing I wanted to do. I developed a love for screen play, poetry, and lyrics. So when it came time to decide what to publish I wasn’t lacking material.

To be frank, and to those poor souls who picked up the first seven copies, I was on a rush deadline.  I thought I had to publish by a certain date and the book I expected to have finished wasn’t even close to done, maybe half finished on it’s first draft … so I took all of my best Poetry and stuck it together, did some cursory editing and published it.  So became “The Inked Heart”. The rush of being published at all was staggering … until I read it myself.

Safe to say, it will be reformatted, page numbers will be a thing, and I swear you seven, if you ever message me, I’ll replace your copy with the updated version and sign a sorry on the inside cover.  Seriously it was a bittersweet publishing and I’ll own up to it.

After a long dreadful break from writing, following the published poetry anthology, the desire to write was inescapable. Now with my family established, and my thoughts in order, I aim to deliver more stories, more poems, and more of my soul to those who want to read fiction.

I hope to share what I have created for the “Solar Savers”, the poems I wrote in moments of great expression and the short stories that have helped me bide my time until such a time as this arose where I could devote more of myself to the art.

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