Roku Starbounder

The Modern Universes most notorious outlaw and scientific genius, Roku got his name from a device he invented that could reshape the universe. Gifted with the ability of mechanics and design, Roku was once an inventor for the King and Queen of the Universe. He aided in war counsel meetings and designed new machines for the royal government for all things that could be encountered in the cosmos. His politics were not as welcome as his inventions however and he was dismissed for disagreeing with the crown on local uprisings.

Spurned and shunned by all those around him he took matters into his own hands and plotted to replace the King with his own son if he himself could not make the ascension. He overtook Io, a moon off of Jupiter for his home and base of operations, rallied the people to his side and dove into an intricate plot to crumble the authorities he so hated.

His desire to destroy being so great he lost his own son in the chaos of his plans. Little drives him more than his need for vengeance on the crown and thirst for fame and power. He will do anything, at any cost, manipulate anyone to achieve what he has foreseen as the future. Even after his reunion with his son Nicladius he risks their fresh relationship. No cost is too high, no person is too tall to bend a knee.

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