Anna Kara

Second in line to the universal Seat of Power, Anna Kara is twin sister to Aseana.

After Barely escaping the clutches of those who took her sister, she is raised as an only child in the Royal Estates of Luna and groomed to be the next to rule. Her differing ideologies from her parents cause her to make her own secret alliances while she bides her time for power.

when long last her sister is recovered from the forbidden planet of Earth Anna Kara is not quick to welcome the stranger her threatens her reign. Her role of lady in waiting and teacher to her Naive sister does not suit her in the least, and a game of manipulation and power begins.

over many years the intensity of  her hate collects until she hatches a coup and ends her father’s life. her sentence of jail time with banishment thereafter does little to a persuade her to give up her obsessions for power and vengeance on all those who discarded her with her sisters return.

she knows nothings certain anymore except her enduring hatred for Aseana, the girl who stole her face and her throne.

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