Born a Princess, Raised a human. Aseana is heir to the Universal Seat of Power.

Within days of her birth she was kidnapped by a ruthless outlaw and then sent to the Forbidden Planet of Earth.

Scientists recovered the pod wreckage from her arrival and cautiously raised her in their homes alongside the population of the planet. She was taught to hone her abilities in secret by her foster father and closely observed until her preteen years.

Events set in place by welcoming a lost member of the group that arrived on Earth, brings a message from her true parents, revealing her origin in the stars. In her disbelief of her hidden past, she ventures to her birth home in search of answers and begins an journey across the cosmos to reclaim her place in them.

With her friends along side her attempting to learn of their own previously unknown identities, they cross the galaxies learning the secrets they hold. wherever they go they learn about things they never could conceive, banishing shadows threatening the inhabitants and taking their places on their home planets.

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