Darkness. Void. A cacophony of Vociferous Pontification Transliterating from unknown, to know, to forgetfulness.

The reality of the unknown becomes unfamiliar territory. Velvet Blackness interspersed with currents of undecided feelings.

Discrepancies of the almost forgotten past mingle with indiscretions of the graying present.

A Psyche tormented with almost remembering.

Wraith-like things from the past so distant as to be nearly forgotten flit from room to room in the endless keep of the consciousness.

An infinitesimal, unreachable spark of belligerent outcry, promulgation in need of the peace that is GOD, but GOD remains just outside the realm on contact.

An unknown quantity,  as unknowable as the depths of quantum mechanics would be to a child.

How small we become in our being, how deluded to what we think we know

Our delusions become our reality

Our reality, our prison.

A prison comprised of infinite cells in which we reside throughout the eternity know as our life, feeling as though all of our days have been spent in forlorn anticipation, waiting for the mother ship to arrive from the depths of space and welcome us home….

I cannot feel GOD today….

What if tomorrow never comes?

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