One of those nights I pour out my soul

Is it possible to love someone who completes you and makes you happier than you’ve ever known

But still be more depressed and beyond reach than the farthest stellar zone?

I have demons from my past that I can never ignore

And after the sun has sunken begin knocking at my door

The things I’ve done the people I’ve been

If they get to me what happens then?

Each night a new memory of way in the past

And each time betrayed by how I’m attached

I sealed them away, did what I could

But secretly wish someone understood

Every new moment an echo in time

A dawning of ages and a dozen a dime

I can’t help these ill feelings I’ve fought them all night

And every now and then things look to be alright

But here at this instance I feel such displeasure

I feel like I can’t leave no matter the measure

The distance, the steps I’m trapped in a well

Wearing down slowly the ground where I fell

This sucks, I’m lonely, I can’t sleep and never hungry

I have some joy but I’m also quite angry

With who I am and who I’ve been

As I’ve told you before life has no zen

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