Heeeelllllooooo There!!!

Okey dokey so I love to write and as I can probably guess you like to read. No? Yes? Either way you’re here now so go ahead an explore!

I like to say I’m a writer, Don’t worry I have a book published so I can back up that claim. If you need more proof just envision a room filled with paper with scribbles, a desk covered with stickies, a laptop document folder jammed packed with half written anythings and a day dreaming parent watching everything around their home for possible storylines and adventure. There got it? Do you see what I see?

Now get out of my house you creeper, and mind the steps on the way to your Motorized Scooter.

Oh yeah, so anyways I wanted to share my stories with people! I thought maybe this blog would help me connect with people and find out what they would want to read, get feedback on my latest literary conquests and keep me on track with over coming writers block.

So here’s my goal: to write a piece and release it regularily following the completion of the site.

My logic is this: nothing good comes with haste, so like a smoked brisket this window of time allows for me to cultivate the story more, this time frame allows for readers to enjoy the next segment of the story at their leisure and if they want to review anything, they can then do so with a more thought out opinion, and of course once a week allows me to have a goal in mind, which is key for me to overcome writers block.

Any who, enjoy the stories, enjoy my mind and I hope to see you in the next blog post!

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